Airbus - 350 XWB

Aircraft Programs

Programs/Projects involved in:

  • DSMS: Doors and Slides Management System - A subsystem that controls Doors and Slides within the aircraft.
  • CDS: Control and Display System - Displays flight information in text and graphics
  • IMA: Integrated Modular Avionics - Development of Modular Reusable Components
  • SFCC: Slats and Flaps Control Computer - Monitors and controls the slats and flaps, key avionics and structures used in take offs and landings.
Depth of Involvement:
# Program Sub-System Full/Partial Life Cycle Our Scope DAL Level Duration Total Hours Spent
1 A350XWB SFCC Partial Life Cycle LLRT Code & Design Reviews Level A 9+ years 325+ Person Years
2 A350XWB CDS Partial Life Cycle LLRT Code & Design Reviews Level A 9+ years
3 A350XWB cRDC Full Life Cycle Requirements, Design, Sw interface Level A 9+ years
4 A350XWB VECB Partial Life Cycle LLRT Code & Design Reviews Level A 9+ years

Over the last 2 decades ALTEN GT has been part of numerous Aircraft Programs achieving great success in the Design, Development, Verification and Certification of Safety Critical Avionics Systems. A wide umbrella of aerospace engineering skills is available with us under one roof! Listed below are some samples of the important projects that have been undertaken by ALTEN GT, working for Tier-1 Suppliers. These projects highlight the rich expertise ALTEN GT has gained over the years.

Our involvement has been in every major Aircraft Program, being part of the tremendous evolution seen in the Aerospace Industry


Our Work in Various Aircraft Programs


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