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Functional Safety Software Standards Comparision

Posted by: Appala Naidu Bandaru | 6 Dec, 2022

Functional safety is very important for the safety critical systems in any domain. The main objective of the functional safety is to reduce unacceptable hazards’ risk probability to acceptable levels. The standard guidelines based on past failures and fixes helps in not repeating the already identified problems. Each domain such as Aerospace, Automotive have come up with the Functional safety standards based on the domain’s core functionality and associated safety context. This document aims to provide comparison between different Software Functional safety standards from Avionics, Automotive and Medical electronics domain.....Read More

Software Design FMEA for Functional Safety Systems

Posted by: Appala Naidu Bandaru | 6 Feb, 2020

Functional safety is important for safety critical applications in any industry where active monitoring is required on safety critical operations. The active monitors either prevents or mitigates the failure that causes safety goal violations of the system. The failures are categorised as Systematic failures and Random hardware failures....Read More


Posted by: Gopu | 10 Mar, 2021

World is moving towards the age of fully autonomous environment where things need to be done faster and without much influence of human, which increases the use of embedded systems in all domains. Embedded systems are the driving force for technological development in many domains. Security has traditionally been a subject in the area of networking. However, security of embedded systems is often ignored during the design and development period of the product, thus leaving many devices vulnerable to attacks.....Read More

State of Charge and State of Health Estimation using Neural Networks

Posted by: Eashwar N N | 22 Mar, 2022

Estimation of the SoC of a battery is not an easy task. It varies based on the battery type and the type of application that is using the battery. That being said, SoC estimation is done conveniently using neural networks which not only provides accurate but faster results. It is also important to estimate the state of health (SOH) of a battery, which represents a measure of the battery's ability to store and deliver electrical energy, compared with a new battery. .....Read More