System Design

Build to Spec Product Development

ALTEN GT has been involved in the Design, Development, Verification and Certification of both Safety Critical and Non-Safety Critical Built-To-Spec Automotive Products. There is Proven Expertise with ALTEN GT in offering complete end-to-end Automotive Solutions. The products designed and developed by ALTEN GT span a wide range of applications from Body control modules, Vehicle tracking systems to Telematic Gateway Units.

ALTEN GT is a one stop solution provider for Embedded Automotive Hardware and Software. With a unique blend of Product Development and Services History, ALTEN GT has what it takes to perfectly understand the market needs and formulate solutions that are best suited and most economically viable.

ALTEN GT has designed and developed Hardware and basic software for Body Control Module.

The following are the key features ALTEN GT developed BCM:

  • Fully automotive grade components used in the design
  • Low sleep current achieved
  • Senses the input triggers from various sources such as internal and external lighting, parking brake sensor, 4WD sensor, wheel etc. either through digital inputs, analog inputs or through the CAN bus
  • Drives the load (external lighting, interior lighting, wipers washer, climate control, operator safety, remote start and PTO system) either directly or through relays
  • Bluetooth support for remote control operations
  • Secure key storage (SHE 1.1)
  • Secure communication
  • Scalable and Flexible basic software
  • Diagnosis
  • Program loading through UDS
  • Compliance to ISO 26262 functional safety standard

ALTEN GT has developed both Hardware and Software (including Server Programs and Mobile Apps) for Vehicle tracking and Fleet Management Systems, Secure Telematic Gateway Systems and Infotainment systems.

Key features of the ALTEN GT Developed Telematic Gateway ECU are:

  • Fully automotive grade components used in the design
  • Power supply : 12/24V, protection for load dump, reverse supply
  • I/O: Digital inputs and outputs with protection, Analog inputs, Frequency inputs
  • Interfaces : UART, RS-485, Ethernet, CAN, LIN
  • Sensors : GNSS, LTE CAT4 Modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • Processing : Vehicle interface processor, Application processor
  • Memory : EEPROM, eMMC, DDR2
  • Emergency : SOS and breakdown switch interface
  • SIM: eSIM, Plastic SIM
  • Antenna : GNSS, LTE with diversity, BLE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Firmware : Bare metal and open source Linux
  • Security : Secure Boot, Secure key storage, Secure communication, Secure Digitally signed certificates
  • Tamper Detection
  • Secure over-the-air upgrade (COTA, FOTA and DFOTAA)

Key features of the ALTEN GT Developed Vehicle tracking ECU:

  • Fully automotive grade components used in the design
  • Supports Ni-Mh chemistry for internal battery backup
  • Provision for both internal and external antenna for GPS/IRNSS/GSM
  • GSM modem supports upgradeability from 2G to 4G in the same footprint
  • Interfaces: CAN, UART
  • Sensors: GNSS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • I/O: Digital inputs and outputs with protection, Analog inputs
  • Tamper Detection
  • Secure over the air upgrade (COTA, FOTA and DFOTAA)
  • Firmware developed on bare metal
  • Message protocol complies to the AIS-140 specification*

   *AIS-140 is a government of India regulation that specifies the requirements for vehicle tracking units installed in public transport vehicles in India

Key features of the ALTEN GT Fleet Management System (Mobile and Web application):

  • Fleet Administration
  • Vehicle Grouping
  • User Account Management (Multiple Roles)
  • Driver Management
  • Alerts (Harsh Braking Alert, Harsh Cornering Alert, Harsh speed Alert, Safety Alerts, Security Alerts, Tamper Alerts, Geofence Alerts, Towing Alerts, Crash Alerts, Excessive Idling Alerts, Warranty Alerts, Driver Alerts, Maintenance Alerts)
  • Fleet Level Reports
  • Charts and Visual Reports
  • Predictive Maintenance (Reminders)
  • Routes and Trip Management
  • Report Automation
  • SMS and Email
  • FCM Push Notifications