Introduction to Chatbots


In the era of digital transformation where data is treated as currency, the human involvement in the industry has been gradually replaced by machines. From conventional machines which are physical in nature, the technology has moved fast forward where machines are no longer restricted to a physical entity, they are in an evolved form in virtual space. The machines can act independently or in an interactive manner controlled by humans or other systems or programs. In general, these virtual machines are called Bots.....

In the wide category of Bots available for us, we are going to discuss about a very interesting category of bots that mimic humans instead of a machine, they are called Chat Bots.


A chatbot is a service that people interact with via a chat interface. You can ask questions using your voice or by typing in the same way you would ask a person. The chatbot will usually respond in a conversational style, and it may carry out actions in response to your conversation.

  • Artificial Conversational agents
  • Interaction is in natural language
  • No use of formal languages
  • Human-machine interaction


Chatbots are used in places where a human presence is non-essential and rather slow. For Example: Finding out the Air Temperature average of a city, it is a data which is available via some open APIs.

For a human it would take more effort to find it and then type the reply or convey the answer back to the one who asked it. In case of chatbot this could be done at a very fast and accurate way.There are numerous other reasons for the existence of Chatbots