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ALTEN GT has been involved in the Design, Development, Verification and Certification of Build-To-Spec Safety Critical Avionics Products for more than two decades. There is Proven Expertise at ALTEN GT in offering complete end-to-end Avionics and Aerospace Solutions. The products designed and developed by ALTEN GT span a wide range of applications from Transponders, ARINC 429 Routers, Cabin Lighting Systems to Airborne Early Warning Systems, Control and Display units and Time Distribution Units. The products are in use in several General Aviation, Air Transport Aircraft and Rotorcraft platforms all over the world.

ALTEN GT is a one-stop solution provider for Embedded Avionics Hardware and Software. With a unique blend of Product Development and Services History, ALTEN GT has what it takes to perfectly understand the market needs and formulate solutions that are best suited and most economically viable.

Some of our unique values are:

  • Domain Expertise - Highly qualified engineering staff to augment Customer's teams in building Complete Embedded Avionics Solutions
  • Compliance Expertise - Over two decades of experience working with multiple Aircraft Certification Offices
  • AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001 Quality Management System to bolster Engineering Capabilities
  • Cost Savings - Projects are executed within budget and schedule

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GPS-SBAS Class B3 Receiver

  • The GPS Receiver is Designed, Developed, Verified, Certified and Manufactured by ALTEN Global Technologies. The receiver is Certified by FAA to meet TSO-C145c Class Beta 1 and 3. It is the first GPS-SBAS Receiver conforming to DO-229D
  • Over 10,000 LRUs have been delivered so far for GA, business jets, rotorcraft, UAV and other platforms
  • Compliant to DO-229D and DO-301 Antenna, Certified to DO-178B and DO-254 DAL B, Environmental qualification per DO-160F, Fully Compliant to ARINC 743A, MIL HDBK 217F, SAE ARP 4754,SAE ARP 4761
  • ALTEN GT GPS Receiver has been approved as the Primary Equipment for Navigation and Precision Approach and is an ideal choice for ADS-B, TAWS, RNP Enhancements, advanced ATM and GRAS
  • 12 GPS and 3 SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN) channels are supported and the receivers offer a position accuracy of 2-5m. The GPS features a comprehensive RAIM, FMEA and FTA

ADS-B Receiver/Transponder

ALTEN GT 1090 MHz ADS-B In receiver is an Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver unit with a built-in GNSS satellite receiver best suitable for ADSB base-station installations. The receiver Complies with RTCA DO-260B, A1S receive standards.

The 1090 MHz ADS-B In receiver receives transmissions from Aircraft equipped with a 1090 MHz ADS-B transponder and reports it through Ethernet and serial link to Ground Station Displays.

Some of the features of the ADS-B receiver is:
  • In-built GPS-SBAS Receiver, GPS-GLONASS-GAGAN-IRNSS Receiver (Optional)
  • Easy software-upgrade feature without disturbing installation
  • Additional capability of Accepting Position, Velocity, Time from external GNSS position sources
  • Accepts time from external NTP server
  • UTC time labeled reports
  • Interactive GUI for Windows based computer
  • Built-In-Self Test and fault indication
  • Mean Time Between Failure greater than 5000Hrs
  • MIL qualification for environmental specifications
  • Available in two installation-configurations - Rugged-MIL box & Rugged 2U 19” Rack

ALTEN Global Technologies also has developed a fully qualified, FAA certified DO-282B Compliant ADS-B Transmitter/Receiver System used in the General Aviation Segment.

The applicable standards are:
  • DO-178B Level C
  • DO-254 Level C
  • DO-160G – all environmental qualification tests
  • DO-229D – MOPS for GPS-SBAS
  • DO-260B – MOPS for 1090 MHz ES
  • DO-282B – MOPS for UAT
  • DO-301 – GPS-SBAS antenna
  • TSO-C145c, TSO-C154c
  • ARINC 429, RS-422, RS-232
  • MIL HDBK 217F, SAE ARP 4754, SAE ARP 4761
ADS-B Receiver/Transponder

ARINC 429 Router/Filter/Function Processor

A product built to customer specification to perform filtering and routing of ARINC 429 labels.

The LRU also provides processing of input labels and generation of simple arithmetic/logical function based output. The Router/Filter is designed in a way that many functions can be simultaneously performed using a configuration file that defines the functions. No Hardware or Software changes are necessary.

In addition to the several input and output ARINC 429 Channels, the product supports multiple discrete input/output.

All-in-all, it is a convenient matching device between two different systems. The product can be used in endless applications that require seamless meshing and also as a functionality extender/monitoring unit.

The product was designed to DO-178C and DO-254 DAL B with full DO-160G Environmental Qualification.


Aircraft Cabin Lighting System

Driven by a customer's need to manage Obsolescence, the Cabin Lighting System Product for the Airbus 320 was redesigned and Built-to-Spec. The product was reengineered based on Specification and then underwent the EASA Certification Process.

ALTEN GT was involved in full life cycle processes and provided a quick solution to the customer. This was one of the Obsolescence projects completed at ALTEN GT.


Early Warning System

ALTEN GT designed and developed an Early Warning System for Rotorcraft, complying to CEMILAC standards. The System functioned as a Pilot Aid to issue Warnings when maneuvers might de-stabilize Rotorcraft control subsequently resulting in a Crash.

The product was DO-160G qualified. The Product was taken through Full Airborne Certification compliant to CEMILAC standards. Qualification per DO-178B DAL "A" was successfully completed.

ALTEN GT involvement in the program was from end to end - Requirements to Certification.

The product underlines ALTEN GT capability to work on core Flight Computing Systems. There are production orders over 5 years highlighting a high Production volume.


Control Display Unit

The product underlines ALTEN GT capability to work on core Flight Computing Systems. There are production orders over 5 years highlighting a high Production volume.

ALTEN GT performed all engineering activities for the product - Requirements to Certification. The product was certified by CEMILAC to DO-178C DAL "B".

The Display Unit includes a built-in GPS-SBAS Receiver. Display Software was developed based on ALTEN GT Graphics Library. Core Algorithms were implemented by ALTEN GT. One of the key features was the "Lead me Home" or "Return to base" feature that can be activated quickly by the pilot.

The product used ALTEN GT homegrown ARINC 653 compliant Real Time Operating Systems - OASYS which also received full airborne Certification by CEMILAC


Ruggedized Time Distribution Unit

ALTEN GT high performance Ruggedized Time Distribution Unit (RTDU) provides GNSS synchronized Time and Frequency outputs. The unit is configured to provide various timing interfaces such as 1-PPS in TTL and RS-422 level, 10 MHz, NTP

The unit is specifically designed for military and aerospace applications conforming to MIL-STD-810D, MIL-STD-704D and MIL-STD-461E.

RTDU includes indigenously designed 30 Channel GPS/GLONASS/SBAS/(IRNSS optional) receiver. The unit generates highly accurate, GNSS disciplined 1-PPS from an internal high stable rubidium oscillator.

The purpose of the system is to distribute accurate time over the Ethernet using NTP (Network Time Protocol), Time Protocol and Daytime Protocol.


IRIG-B Timecode Generator

ALTEN GT has developed a precision IRIG-B time code generator that receives reference time from the atomic clocks in GPS satellites. It extracts timing reference from the GPS signals, and generates time code synchronized to less than 10 microseconds of UTC (Universal Coordinated Time)

The product is in production and used in military applications

The time code generator supports an extended hold over time when GNSS is absent. The unit also features Interference mitigation algorithms, Spoofing detection and indication algorithms