Software Engineering Services

  Accord's Software Engineering Services

Accord Software & Systems has a dedicated group specializing in providing productivity tools for work group collaboration, which also handles software projects for small and medium scale enterprises.

Our Work group productivity software suite SmartWorks consists of software applications which can help you plan and track your projects, Manage meetings and Track various issues to it's closures. SmartWorks is affordably priced and uses TCP/IP based client server architecture at its core. SmartWorks server runs on all the windowing platforms (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME). Efforts are on to make Smartworks available on other platforms as well.

We also offer services which includes:
  • Developing client / server applications to run on Windows / Linux
  • Develop / Test Internet based applications
  • Test suite development for applications and network protocols
  • Developing Networking tools for the enterprises
  • Verification & Validation of Enterprise applications
  • Software maintenance of enterprise applications
Following are the skill sets Accord has garnered in the area of software:

Programming Languages:

C, C++, VC++, Java, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, Lex & Yacc, Perl, Python, Assembly Language and Ada

Operating Environments:

Real Time Operating Systems such as, GreenHills Integrity and MicroC-OS. DSP OS, VDK, OASYS and MS-WINCE. MS-Windows, Unix/Linux and MPE/iX are the operating systems that Accord provides services on.

Validation & Verification:

RTRT, Cantata, LDRA, VectorCast, Logiscope, Smart Tester, CodeTrax and Lint

Requirements Management Tools:

DOORS and ReMa

Development Life-Cycle Standards:

DO 178B/C, DO 254, DOD 2167A and MISRA

If you would like to know more about our software activities, please do get in touch with us by clicking here.