Avionics Electronic Engineering

  Avionics Electronic Hardware Engineering Services

Accord offers embedded software, hardware, system development, system integration, verification and product realization services to customers in automotive electronics and consumer electronics segments worldwide. Accord has more than 25 years of experience in embedded systems on a variety of platforms such as Microprocessors, Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) and ASICs. Accord develops applications based on the various commercially available real time and embedded operating systems.

Accord provides services in the following areas:

  • Design Services
  • Product Realization

Design Services

We offer services in the areas of:

  • Hardware design and development
  • Software design and development

Hardware Design and Development

Hardware design and development services are related to:

  • High-speed digital design
  • Mixed signal design
  • Analog and RF designB
  • PLD (FPGA/EPLD/CPLD) based design
  • Processor (Micro-controllers, DSP) based design
  • Mechanical enclosure design
The hardware design and development follow stringent life cycle guidelines laid out at Accord while accomplishing the following

Design Assurance

  • Signal Integrity
  • Cross-talk
  • Matching and Impedance control
  • Power supply design with due emphasis for Low-power battery operated
  • applications
  • Thermal analysis
  • Clock distribution
  • Timing analysis
  • PCB layer stacking

Design optimization

Selection of components keeping in mind
  • Cost
  • Size
  • Operating and storage temperature
  • MIL/Industrial/Commercial grades based on application
  • Environmental specifications like vibration, humidity, and radiation

PCB design

  • Optimum number of layers for a given application
  • Material used for PCB
  • Rigid, Flexi and Rigid-Flexi designs based on applications

Pilot production

  • Component sourcing, inward inspection and inventory
  • management
  • PCB assembly
  • Assembled PCB testing

Software Development

Software design and development services are related to:

  • Real-time Embedded Application Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • BSP Development
  • Processor/OS Porting Services
  • RTOS based development
  • Board bring-up
  • Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Porting across platforms

Skill Set

  • Language: C, C++ & Assembly languages
  • Hardware Platforms: ADI DSPs, TI DSPs, ARM, PowerPC, Xscale architecture
  • RTOS: Integrity, VDK, DSP OS, Micro C OS and OASYS
  • FPGA: Xilinx (Spartan and Virtex), Actel, Altera


Development Tools: In-circuit emulators of various processor environments Compilers: Compilers/IDEs of various processor environments

FPGA Tools

Front End Design: XST, Synplify, SynplifyPro, Precision Synthesis Back End Design:
  • Xilinx ISE 9.1.03i
  • Actel’s Libero 6.0
  • Altera’s MAXPlusII


  • Xilinx ModelSim SE
  • Actel’s Libero 6.0
  • Altera’s MAXPlusII

Coverage Analysis

TransEDA VN-Cover



Hardware Tools

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Signal Generators
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • Multifunction Counters
  • Development Tools and In-circuit Emulators for all ADI DSP’s, TI DSP’s
  • ARM Processor, PowerPC
  • ORCAD, Allegro, Pspice
  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Product Realization

Product Realization services are provided in the areas of:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Space
  • Defense
  • Simulation/Emulation
  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber